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From Florence

"I was born and raised in Paris. At age 25, I moved to Drôme Provençale in the heart of Provence. Our house was surrounded by lavender fields and peach, cherry, olive trees.  My love for food blossomed with ample time to explore and easy access to fantastic local ingredients from farmers' markets in surrounding villages.

In 2000, my husband and I left our wonderful house in Provence and moved to Chicago, Minneapolis and now Raleigh, NC. 

With our four growing children, I find myself with more time to fully embrace my passion for food".

"I created Sucre & Sel, French catering, to share my love of people and cuisine; to gather members of the community for a good meal that will exceed their expectations." 

In the summer 2019, I attended FERRANDI Paris, the leading culinary program in Europe. It taught me great insights on latest trends in food preparation, pairings and presentation.

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